Welcome, Ladies! At Parkway, the goal of our Women's Ministry is to come alongside women from all walks of life and engage and equip them to walk with Jesus. Single or married, children or none, young adult or a seasoned woman, we look forward to joining with God in His work in your life. The Women's Ministry is facilitated through a team of ladies who desire to serve the Lord through serving the Parkway body and community.

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This spring the Women's Ministry Team is offering 3 Bible studies. Check out the details below.


Thursdays, 10a-12pm at Parkway. Led by Leslie Fitzgerald. We will meet each week beginning January 25th. This winter we will be studying 1 & 2 Thessalonians.

Book/Journal will be available for purchase for $5.00.

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Thursdays, 10a-12pm at Parkway. Led by Elaine Hanger. Starting January 25th. This study will be using the book called "M is for Mama" by Abbie Halberstadt. Here is a description: Motherhood is a challenge. This book offers advice, encouragement, and scripturally sound strategies, seasoned with humor and grace, to help mamas embrace the challenges and see the rewards of Christlike motherhood. 

You will need to purchase the book. (Click for a link).

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Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30p at Grange Hall campus. Led by Melissa Futrell, Kristie Basic, and Braeley Eckerd.  Beginning with Genesis 12, walk alongside the fathers of our faith—Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph—to discern Jesus in the stories of His people.
Over 10 sessions, discover how God orchestrates everything for His glory and the good of His people, and see how the God of creation and covenant is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

We’ll begin on January 24th working through Jen Wilkin's God of Covenant. Books will be available for purchase for $15.00.  

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