Studentz "REIGN" Fall Retreat

Friday, September 22, 2023 - Sunday, September 24, 2023

Studentz "REIGN" Fall Retreat

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. Please call the office (804.639.2236) for more information.

Our Studentz Fall Retreat is FAST APPROACHING!!!!!!!! Our Fall Retreat provides a great opportunity for students to get away and shift their focus to loving God and loving others. We want to provide a weekend retreat experience that will help them connect with the Lord and connect with each other.

  • THEME: REIGN - Reign immerses teenagers in a study of Christ’s majestic glory and preeminence as He reigns from the throne of heaven. Reign directly confronts what many leaders believe is the primary shortfall of teenagers in the church today—a me-centered faith some call Moral Therapeutic Deism. Church teenagers do love Jesus, but they tend to see Him as a nice friend or even a mascot. They keep Him in the background of their lives, with one exception. When they face some problem or obstacle, they fully expect Him to show up and poof their troubles away. He is relevant only when He is making their lives happier and problem free. The antithesis to “It’s all about me” is the truth “It’s all about the glorious King Jesus.” Teenagers who understand, embrace, and follow Christ as supreme move from “Jesus is my mascot” to “Jesus is my King.”
  • GUEST SPEAKER: Pastor Will Snipes
  • GUEST WORSHIP: Red Letter Society
  • STUDENT GUIDE (coming soon)

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