Small Groups

Small Groups

We recognize the primacy of God's Word in our lives.  It's the absolute source of truth and authority in our lives. At Parkway, we recognize the importance of learning God's truth AND the importance of God's people living in community.   It's not an either/or but a both/and.   Both are necessary for balanced Christian living.  At Parkway, we encourage you to participate in an ongoing small group and a 6-week Core class.  

Small Groups are ongoing and their primary focus is good theology lived out in relationships and community.  These groups focus on God's Word but also on God's people.  In small groups, we learn to put God's Word into practice and learn to love and care for each other.  Life can be messy and small groups allow us to weep, celebrate, and pray for one another.  They "live truth" together.  Small groups meet on Sunday morning, Wednesday nights, and throughout the week.  These groups meet both at Parkway and in homes.  


Sunday Morning Small Groups

Times: 9:00am & 10:30am

Agape - 9:00am

Led by Tony Sendaydiego in the Prayer Room (coed group geared to adults 55+).

Salt and Light - 9:00am

Led by Bart Gammons in Cottage A-1 (coed group for all ages, married, & single).

Abiding Faith - 9:00am

 Led by Mary Wright & Karen Hutton in Cottage B-1 (ladies of all ages).

Kingdom Seekers - 9:00am

Led by Kenny Hood in Cottage B-2 (coed group for parents of school-aged children).

Truth Seekers - 9:00am

Led by Jim Ingle in Cottage C-1 (coed group for parents of school-aged children).

SHIELD - 9:00am

Led by Chris Basic - Cottage C-2 (coed group for all ages, married, & single).

Post-College - 10:30am

Led by Natahan Taylor - Cottage A-1.

Abundant Life - 10:30am

Led by Steve Perez, Steve Eddy, & Duane Williams in Cottage A-2 (coed group for parents of school-aged children).

College Students - 10:30am

Led by George and Betty Siler and Brian Renshaw in Cottage B-1 (for college-aged young adults).

Catapult for 20 somethings - 10:30am

Led by Mike and Stacy Young and Mike and Kelly Lucas - Cottage B-2. (Recently married couples & couples with smaller children).

Embrace - 10:30am

Led by David Grollimund & Jason Swoap - Cottage C2 (coed group for parents of young children).


Home Small Groups

Don't rule out a Small Group if you can't gather on a Sunday or Wednesday. Several home groups are available.


Led by Jon Siler & Jay Wu in the evenings, 30-something couples.  Contact Wendy Morris at the church office.

Tuesday - 7:00pm

Led by Mac Hutton in the evenings, Coed group for all ages, married, & single.  Held at Ron & Brenda Niedermayer, 12325 Prince Philip Lane, Chesterfield, VA 23838

Wednesday - 7:00pm

Led by Gus Wright in the evenings, Coed group for all ages, married, & single.  Held at Jay & Jeannie Barton, 15472 Sultree Drive, Midlothian VA 23112

Thursday - 6:30pm

Wolfgang’s House, Led by John, Coed group for parents of school-aged children. 11942 Carters Creek Dr, Chesterfield, VA 23838

Thursday - 7:00pm

Ayer's House, Led by Greg, Coed group for all ages, married, & single, 10801 Red Lion Place, North Chesterfield, VA  23235

Wednesday Evening Small Groups at Parkway (Fall - Spring)

Getting into God’s word in a smaller group setting is a good place to start building believers. We encourage you to check out one of many Sunday morning Small Groups that meet at 6:30pm. Some groups are discussion-oriented while others are more didactic and depend less on group interaction.

30-40 somethings - 6:30pm

Led by Ron Hobson - Cottage C-2. (Individuals and Couples).