Digital Discipleship

Digital Discipleship for Parents
Saturday, February 23rd
@ Parkway Baptist Church
Guest Speaker:  Brian Jennings
When we look at teenagers and children, technology is just the world they inhabit. We all remember a time before smartphones. We all remember a time before flat-screen TVs. Kids growing up today do not. Technology is simply an extension of their body, like another arm that's attached to them. Pew research in 2018 indicating that 95 percent of teenagers have access to a smartphone, 88 percent have access to a computer at home, 45 percent say they are online constantly and 44 percent say they are online several times a day. The same research showed that 85 percent of teenagers use YouTube and 72 percent use Instagram. In such a changing technological landscape, it's vital for parents, especially fathers, to play a leading role in protecting their families from the detriments that accompany widespread technology use. 
The answer is not to try to completely shelter kids from technology. Even if parents take devices away from their kids, the kids often will use devices belonging to friends or family members. Instead, we as parents must exercise wisdom in training both themselves and their families for godliness. We are not going to naturally be godly...It takes work. Everything worthwhile in life takes work. If you want to be a great athlete, it takes training. If you want to be a great musician, it takes training. You want to be godly, it takes training. We must practice the Gospel in our homes and create a Gospel culture. When we do this, we teach our families the Gospel and we help them to walk in repentance.
Join us for this great opportunity to learn, grow, and be encouraged in developing a gospel-centered discipleship culture in your home in the midst of the digital world in which we all live. 
About Brian & Emily Jennings:
Brian and Emily live in the metro Atlanta area where Brian serves as the middle school pastor at First Baptist Church, Woodstock. They are graduates of Southeastern Seminary and have worked with families, students, and children in the local church for 14 years. They have been married since 2006 and have three boys: Elliot, Benjamin, and Gideon. Brian also serves as a pastor for Lifeway’s Fuge Camps and Emily writes for Lifeway and Union Gospel Press. They are both Hokies, Brian having attended VT and Emily having served at the VT BCM.
If you are interested in joining us for Digital Discipleship, please register below. The session is FREE but spots are limited. There will be no childcare available. If you have any questions, email Pastor Mike at


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