Parkway Stories

"Not Just Teachers": How ESL Volunteers Equip and Serve Local Immigrants

“Not Just Teachers”: How ESL Volunteers Equip and Serve Local Immigrants ... read more

Becoming Missionaries One Step at a Time: The Nales’ Story

Becoming Missionaries One Step at a Time: The Nales’ Story ... read more

3 Ways to Support the Guarinos in the Philippines (And 3 Reasons Why)

Nick Guarino isn’t the kind of missionary sent by a mission organization, but rather by individuals and churches like Parkway. He first spent time in the Philippines as a student, then he felt called to stay full time as a missionary. ... read more

How God Led 2 Teens to Start Up a New Ministry (And How You Can Too)

When 17-year-olds Caleb Eckerd and Ben Young decided to begin a ministry, it took them just a few hours to launch their website in true Gen Z fashion. The preparation, however, took years. ... read more

House Churches and Handicrafts

House Churches and Handicrafts: How Avenues for Ministry Multiply into a Gospel Movement ... read more

Love Even Covers Racial Sin

Just the mention of “what happened in Charlottesville last year” caused Captain Steven Chumley to drop his gaze to the floor and say, “It was an emotional time.” ... read more

Feeding Ministry Going Strong

Gather on the fourth Friday evening and Saturday morning of each month to prepare and distribute meals to the hungry in the Richmond area. Jesus said “As you have done it to the least of these my brethren, you have done it to me.” For more... read more


By the morning of Rollingwood’s 2018 spring festival, no one had committed to present the gospel yet. But ever since the first festival in the fall of 2014, God always provided someone to share the gospel message, even if it was at the last... read more

What are the “9 Points” that Parkway is Praying About?

Usually when we pray, we talk with God about our family, our work, and other needs in our lives – which is important, and we should bring all our concerns to God. But what if we as the Parkway family prayed together? ... read more