Serving Together

Parkway’s vision statement is: “Real people walking with Christ​, inviting others​, and serving together​ to reach our neighbors and the nations.”

In the fall of 2017, Parkway revealed 9 Prayer points establishing 1-, 3-, and 5- year goals for our church.  Having 100% of church membership activley involved in serving was one of those goals. 

But what does that look like in a practical sense? 

Sometimes “serving” means arranging games and grilling hot dogs for a community fall festival. Sometimes that means setting up chairs in the sanctuary, welcoming people into the building with a smile, or leading the congregation into worship with a song. Such an active church needs active members like you to make these things happen. 

There are so many ways to serve (see below), that no matter your interests or giftings, there is a fit for you.

Please continue to pray for each Parkway member to be active in serving.


Email Lauren Garber for more information on these opportunities. 



Please contact Lauren Garber ( for more information on these and other opportunities.