Partnering with Parents

We value you and the position that God has given you in spiritually discipling your teenager. As a student ministry, we are here to partner with you in discipling your student. We offer several programs and activities for your student to know Christ as their Lord and Savior, grow to love Him and His Word, and share His story of redemption daily. The Parkway Studentz Ministry is here as a reinforcing resource to what God is already doing through your family and the life of your student.

We want to be more strategic in growing this partnership in a variety of ways. Please pray about how God can use you in the following ways to partner with us as we seek to reach, baptize, and disciple more students for Jesus:

  • Prayer - Please pray for our ministry. Everything we do is purposeful in reaching, growing, equipping, and sending students in Jesusʼ name. Pray for God to move and stir in the lives of students during the purposeful opportunities that we offer for students to be involved in. Prayer is foundational to all that we do and we need you praying for us and our students.
  • Preparation - A few times a year we will be having targeted training and discussion times for parents. This will not be your typical “parent meeting.” We are calling these “Parent Sessions.” This will be a great time of training and connecting for parents and we are excited to see what God does through these sessions. Be on the lookout for more info about these!
  • Participation - One of the biggest ways you can partner with us is by serving with us! We are always looking for parents to serve by helping us out with different Bible studies, MDWK Groups, The Gathering, activities, retreats, M-FUGE, and more. Statistics show us that if a student does not have at least 3-5 significant adult relationships (outside of their parents and student pastor) by the time they graduate high school, it is more likely that they will stop being involved with a local church once they graduate. Students crave significant adult relationships in their lives and by serving with us, God can use you in a mighty way to transform a studentʼs life.

We hope you will consider partnering with us by praying, preparing, and participating with us and be a part of what God is doing in and through the Parkway Studentz Ministry!


Parent Partner from LifeWay

Parents and guardians find themselves overwhelmed by responsibilities and busy with overbooked schedules. Parents need support and direction and hen parents feel prepared to disciple their teenagers, everyone wins!

Parent Partner is a digital resource of monthly content for parents that will help parents turn four regular family moments into catalysts for deep and engaging spiritual conversations within the home.

We will send this awesome resource to you via email — please fill out form above — and upload it on this page. This is a great and easy way to have spiritual conversations with your students at home!


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