At Parkway, the Men’s and Women’s Ministries help grow godly men and women through discipling, Bible studies, outreach, small groups, and fellowship. It is our passion to provide ample opportunities to engage one another and challenge each other in faith.

Sunday Morning Small Groups

Getting into God’s word in a smaller group setting is a good place to start building believers. We encourage you to check out one of many Sunday morning Small Groups that meet at 9:00 or 10:30am. Some groups are discussion-oriented while others are more didactic and depend less on group interaction. There are groups available for all ages and stages at both Bible study hours.

Times: 9:00am & 10:30am

Abiding Faith - 9:00am

 In the Prayer Room (ladies of all ages).

Agape - 9:00am

Led by Sam League & Tony Sendaydiego in Cottage A-1 (coed group geared to adults 55+).

Salt and Light - 9:00am

Led by Nolan Morris in Cottage A-2 (coed group for parents of school-aged children).

Kingdom Seekers - 9:00am

Led by Kenny Hood in Cottage B-2 (coed group for parents of school-aged children).

Great Commission - 9:00am

Led by Mike Henry at Grange Hall-Library (coed group geared to parents with children nearing the end of high school or college).

Truth Seekers - 9:00am

Led by Jim Ingle in Cottage C-1 (coed group for parents of school-aged children).

Heart and Soul - 9:00am

Led by Greg Ayers in Cottage C-2 (coed group for parents of school-aged children).

SHIELD - 9:00am

Led by Chris Basic - Cottage C2 (coed group for parents of school-aged children).

Abundant Life - 10:30am

Led by Steve Perez, Steve Eddy, & Duane Williams in Cottage A-2 (coed group for parents of school-aged children).

College Students - 10:30am

Led by George and Betty Siler and Brian Renshaw in Cottage B-1 (for college-aged young adults).

Catapult for 20 somethings - 10:30am

Led by Mike and Stacy Young and Mike and Kelly Lucas - Cottage B-2. (Recently married couples & couples with smaller children).

Embrace - 10:30am

Led by David Grollimund & Jason Swoap - Cottage C2 (coed group for parents of young children).

Home Small Groups

Don't rule out a Small Group if you can't gather on a Sunday or Wednesday. Several home groups are available.


Led by Jon Siler & Jay Wu in the evenings.  Contact Wendy Morris at the church office.

Tuesday - 7:30pm

Getsee's House, Led by Kathryn, Geared for young women, 14701 N. Ivey Mill Rd, Chesterfield, VA


Led by Mac Hutton in the evenings.  Contact Wendy Morris at the church office.

Thursday - 6:30pm

Wolfgang’s House, Led by John, Coed group for parents of school-aged children, 11942 Carters Creek Dr, Chesterfield, VA 23838

Thursday - 7:00pm

Ayer's House, Led by Greg, Coed group for parents of school-aged children, 10801 Red Lion Place, North Chesterfield, VA  23235

Wednesday Evening Small Groups at Parkway

Getting into God’s word in a smaller group setting is a good place to start building believers. We encourage you to check out one of many Sunday morning Small Groups that meet at 6:30pm. Some groups are discussion-oriented while others are more didactic and depend less on group interaction.

30 somethings - 6:30pm

Led by David & Debbie Ange - Cottage B-2. (Individuals and Couples).

Builders & Servers- 6:30pm

Led by Mac Hutton - Cottage C-2. (Coed group for all ages).

Core Classes Sundays and Wednesdays

Check back in June or July for the Fall classes.

Other Groups

Some of our groups at Parkway meet in homes throughout the week. In many instances, home groups provide a good environment in which to study God’s Word and build community.


Men have been given the incredible task and privilege of leading their homes. Our roles aren’t more important than women’s, they’re just different. We don’t have a men’s ministry in the traditional sense of the term. Our men are challenged to lead the way in serving Christ in their families and in our community. Many Parkway men are currently in discipleship groups. If you’re a man and have questions about how to get plugged in, contact Pastor Mac

Tailgate at Parkway vs Parkway Softball game (Monday, July 9, 2018, 6:30-8pm)

Come tailgate before watching the men battle on the softball field.

We'll provide grilled hotdogs, chips, condiments, and drinks. Bring your chairs and let's have some FUN!

Mark your calendar, get the kids and chairs and come cheer on your team with some yummy food and good old-fashioned fun.

Men play at the Warbo Sports Complex at 3204 Warbo Road, Midlothian, VA


Welcome, Ladies! At Parkway, the goal of our Women's Ministry is to come alongside women from all walks of life and engage and equip them to walk with Jesus. Single or married, children or none, young adult or a seasoned woman, we look forward to joining with God in His work in your life. The Women's Ministry is facilitated through a team of ladies who desire to serve the Lord through serving the Parkway body and community. For more information, contact Joy Blocher at or 804-938-1128 or Leslie Fitzgerald at or 540-649-3520.

Join us for a ladies bible study on Thursday mornings from 10:00am-12:00pm. September-May

Preschool childcare is provided. Please call the church office at 804-639-2236 to put your child's name on the list. Classes will be located upstairs in the Family Life Center Building.

Mom’s Group on Thursday morning 2018

Check back this Summer for the Fall 2018 classes.

Park & Play at Parkway!

Check back this Fall for the new startup dated.  Tuesdays starting from 10:00am to Noon in Parkway’s Worship Center

If you and your preschooler need a place to run and play especially during those cold and rainy days, come in and play at Parkway! This is a Free "stay and play" event no drop offs.

For more information contact Leslie Fitzgerald @

To pre-register click here.

Summer Sister Activities

To register, please click on the events tab above.

Book Study - Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley
Led by Katie Chumley.  A life-changing message that examines four conditions at the root of sour attitudes, hurting relationships, and regretful actions: guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy. This book will help you disclose the true state of your heart and turn what's terrifying into what's terrific.”  Contact Katie at

When & Where?
Thursdays, June 28, July 19, & August 23 @ 7 pm
14742 Clover Ridge Lane, Chesterfield

Blessings Journal Making & Sharing
Led by Becky Morgan.  We will be looking at the many blessings that God has done in our lives and "memorializing" it on pages in our own personally made journal. They can be big or small glimpses of God's beauty in your daily life.  Contact Becky at

When & Where?
Mondays @ 9:30 am-noon on 6/18, 7/2, 7/16, & 8/6
TBD (either at church or Becky’s home)

Women of Worship
Led by Joy Blocher, Katie Chumley, & Brittany Braun.  Ladies from the praise band, praise team, and choir gather together for a time of fellowship!         Contact Joy at

When & Where?
Thursdays 6/21, 7/12, & 8/16
14537 Needham Market Rd., Midlothian

Secret Sisters
Led by Kim Getsee.  Each member picks a profile (blindly) and anonymously leaves gifts at the Secret Sister table for her Summer Sister at least twice a month.  Contact Kim at

When & Where?
Each participant will be emailed their Secret Sister’s name by the end of May/first of June and on Monday, 8/27 @ 6:30 pm will be our ’Reveal Monday’ at the Desserterie.

Don’t Make Me Count to Three
Led by Elaine Hanger.  We will look at the book and video series "Don't Make Me Count to Three!"  Each week we will watch a video teaching by the author of this book, Ginger Hubbard, and then discuss biblical child discipline.  If you find yourself threatening, repeating your instructions, or raising your voice in an attempt to get children to obey, then this study is for you.  Contact Elaine at 804-363-9307.

When & Where?
Tuesdays 6/12, 7/17, & 8/14 @ 7 pm
15601 Chesdin Point Dr., Chesterfield

Plant-Based Living
Led by Lauren Hammitt.  Abundant Plant-Based Living: How to Eat (and Cook) Your Way Back to Good Health and God’s Service.
Contact Lauren at or 804-909-7792.

When & Where?
Thursdays, 6/14, 7/12, 8/16 @ 7 pm
8425 Highmarker Ct., Midlothian

Walking Group
Led by Jeanice Wiggins.  Jeanice will reach out to you all with a meeting location for evening walking groups.
Contact Jeanice at or 804-790-9369.

When & Where?

Artists in the Making
Led by Leslie Fitzgerald, Susan Watts, & Kathy Hurtz.  Contact Leslie Fitzgerald at

When & Where?
July 19 and August 23 at 7:00pm
Locations (TBD)

Ladies Game Night
Led by Mandy Haasch.  Bring a favorite game (board game, card game, etc.) and a snack to share.  Contact Mandy at or 804-221-1691.

When & Where?
Friday, July 26th from 7-10 pm
14531 Parracombe Lane, Midlothian

Led by Kathryn Getsee.  A place of belonging for single women.  Activities might include bowling, dinner out, and insights from a book entitled Party of One.  Contact Kathryn at

When & Where?
Fridays, 6/15, 7/20, & 8/17 @ 7 pm at various places

Craft Night creating “Your Story”
Led by Jaime Llewelyn.  Create a 4x4 mini album that tells a story about something or someone that is close to your heart. (There will be a small fee for supplies.)  Contact Jaime at or 804-512-3739.

When & Where?
Tuesday, July 24 @ 6:30 pm, 12200 Butlers Road, Amelia

Led by Sarah DeJarnette.  Basic apologetics is a needed part of faith formation for generation now and next.  This introductory course will cover three parts:  Does God exist?  If so, then who?  Is he worth following?  Contact Sarah at or 804-334-4117.

When & Where?
Sundays, June 10th, and July & August dates TBD
12101 Black Road Chesterfield, VA 23838

Psalms in the Garden
Led by Kathy Hurtz.  Come enjoy a light breakfast & coffee in the serene garden of Kathy's and we will pray & meditate on the book of Psalms (limited to 8).  Contact Kathy at or 804-833-7664.

When & Where?
Wednesdays, 6/6, 7/11, 7/18, (& possibly one date in August) from 8 - 9:30 am
10800 Tealby Court, Midlothian


Softball Schedules 2018

Softball Schedules 2018

Sports Camp 2018

Sports Camp 2018

Guys Cookout

Guys Cookout